Achievements and Ambitions

At Petrojet, our policies & practices reflect a commitment towards the society through its devoted contribution in community development and improvement.

  • Launched a campaign to raise awareness on burns (Ahl Masr) for Local Branches’ employees (Northern branch, Zohr project, Marine yard, Southern branch, Tunnel project, Pipe coating factory, Eastern branch, Equipment department , Central workshops)
  • Participated in a tender for the construction of Ahl Masr hospital for burns.
  • Carried out the development of “Elkarnak” Village in Qena (Masr Elkheir).
  • Participated in the construction of the (main building) of (500 500) hospital phase 1
  • Offered Material & Moral support for a number of hospitals such as: Abu- el Reesh Hospital, National cancer institute and some Orphanages.
  • Carried out the Cleaning of Zaytoon and El- Nozha Districts in Cairo.
  • Constructed a pedestrian bridge in El- Nozha District.
  • Constructed Petrojet sporting club for youth – Academies division
500500 Hospital
Ahl Misr
Youth Academies
Pedestrian bridge in El- Nozha District

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